Help us comfort a child- your $35 donation will provide a child a bag. For your support, we will mail a set of adult grief books to you

Your contribution helps fill the bags with love

Help us comfort a child- your $35 donation will provide a child a bag.  For your support, we will mail a set of adult grief books to you image


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Your contribution helps fill the bags with love

Imagine the smile, the sense of comfort

Imagine a child:

  • In the hospital with a comfort bag of goodies to color, draw, play and feel comforted and inspired as they battle their health issue.
  • Placed in foster care/shelter with a garbage bags full of their clothes, away from their family, and placed with strangers. Can you see the importance of having some comfort items of their own and knowing that others cared enough to provide him/her with this token of caring and support?
  • Who lost a family member? As a child that person is not only gone, but everyone is different, and they miss the old days. Imagine a child reading a grief book (included in our bags) tailored to young children honoring their loved ones, sharing feelings they may be having, and letting them know it will be OK as their loved ones are always with them in memory.

Help us get comfort bags to these children and young adults. Together we can brighten and inspire them and make a difference in their lives!

Why we started Susie Q's Kids. Our daughter Susie McBride-Welsh passed in June 2017. She loved kids and was a strong advocate for helping others, especially kids. She was in the hospital often, had a foster friend as a child, and donated to a local shelter with time and products when possible. On her first birthday after she passed we had a celebration of life and created bags for kids in foster care. We had family and friends from 3-90 years of age, reminiscing and enjoying the day helping others. Our non-profit organization and mission was born that day.

The bags contain my children's grief book and a coloring book that I wrote following the death of our daughter Susie. The grief book addresses the questions my five grandchildren asked about their Aunt Susie. It is great for starting dialogue about their feelings. The coloring book demonstrates the good characteristics children should model and has positive sayings to inspire them.

Additionally, I wrote about my grief journey, an adult book looking at the the grief process, my research, speaking with other bereaved parents and forming small short sections with key takeaways to help the reader focus on their roadmap to discovery. Additionally, I created a journal for daily reflections on your path to hope and healing.

My books all focus on The Four Aspects of Positive Reflection: Remember, Reflect, Recreate and Relate. The power of positivity can turn the negative self-talk of 'What Ifs' to positive thoughts of' But I Did Statements' which can make the path of a grieving adult or child a little easier.

The proceeds from our books support Susie Q's Kids, thus making a difference in the lives of children.

  • Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope After the Loss of Loved Ones (adult grief book)
  • Journey into the Looking Glass: The Four Aspects of Positive Reflection (an adult journal)
  • Susie Q's Positive Reflection: My Special Angel (a child's grief book)
  • Susie WQ's Positive Reflection: Good Characteristics (a coloring book)

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