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Donate now to provide comfort bags to kids in need

Help kids in hospitals, shelters, foster care, and grieving.

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Comfort bags given to children in hospitals, foster care, shelters, and grieving.

Susie Q's Kids was founded in honor of our late daughter Susie McBride-Welsh. She had an impact in life and continues to help others through our mission to provide comfort bags to kids in need.

We provide our comfort and sensory bags to other nonprofits for distribution to kids in need in their programs such as hospital/health situations, shelters, foster care, and those grieving the loss of loved ones. Together we can make a difference inspiring and brightening the lives of kids.

What's your story? By making a donation today, you will receive a Remembrance Beads Story Starter key chain. Each bead and charm can reflect a different story or experience. Wear it on your bag, belt, backpack, or briefcase. When others notice, tell them of its importance and share a story reflected by one of the beads. It is a way to start a dialogue of sharing, be prepared to hear a story in return. Our lives are full of stories, your donation helps us continue to share our story of inspiration and hope for the lives of kids in need. Thank you!

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